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How to create marketing videos that people actually love to watch and share

, July 22, 2017

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Video is one of the most sought after forms of content on the internet and for obvious reasons. When it comes to online marketing, video content holds an incontestable reputation as the most engaging way to connect with audiences and potential customers. Video content is a very powerful marketing tool that can be used to build a formidable brand image that connects with audiences and customers in an intimate way.

So you eventually decided to take the bold step of creating and post your marketing videos. At this point, you are hoping that your marketing videos get a lot of view and shares. Whoops! It seems like your videos fell far below your expectations.

This pitfall seems almost inevitable for many newbies to video marketing. While this could be very disappointing, it would interest you to know that it was largely your fault. You basically created videos that nobody watches and this would not look great for your marketing goals.

This article is dedicated to helping you overcome this challenge and would reposition your videos to get optimal views and shares. The following factors must be carefully considered and implemented. They are as follows:

Keep the videos short and exciting:

Video content for marketing has to short and exciting if you want it to get a lot of views. Short and exciting videos are more likely to get shared than videos that are excessively lengthy. Creating lengthy videos would deter audiences from viewing your content. Nobody wants to be bored with an unreasonably long marketing video content. So trim the edges and go straight to the point with your video content. Make this your mantra; the shorter the video, the better the reception.

Identify and target the right audience:

This is one pitfall that is quite pervasive and has many undesirable consequences for your marketing goals. When you incorporate elements into your video that are not consistent with your brand image or elements that does not speak to your intended audience you can be sure that the video content would get very poor reception. Here is a perfect illustration; you own a muscle supplement brand and you created a marketing video that shows the countryside with birds flying and then you tell your prospects that their muscles would soar like the birds. Your target audience would not like to watch this video and for good reason. Avoid the temptation of getting too creative and missing your target audience.

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Maximize exposure by exploiting all the channels:

When you are creating a video content for marketing, you certainly want it to be seen by a large number of prospective audiences. To achieve this, it is crucial that you exploit all of the channels available at your disposal. YouTube offers an incredible opportunity and is undoubtedly the biggest video hub in the world. Putting your brand videos on YouTube would certainly bring you closer to millions of audiences from around the world. It is not enough to exploit YouTube as Facebook offers a staggering opportunity for exposure as well. There a host of other social media platforms that could give your brand videos fantastic presence and exposure. The best part is that Social media makes it a lot easier to identify and target customers based on their demographics and lifestyle. Do not take any of the social media platforms for granted as they hold the potential to give your videos heightened exposure while propelling your brand to success.

Avoid deceptive and unrelated titles:

In a desperate attempt to generate views for videos, many marketers fall into the temptation of using clickbaits in the form of deceptive titles. I would strongly recommend that you do not make this mistake as it would have very damaging impact on the reception of your video content and overall brand. Deceptive titles would often lure unsuspecting users of the internet into clicking a video only to find that the content of the video is completely unrelated to the title. This practice is strictly prohibited on social platforms and would often attract SEO drawbacks. On the other hand, having a video and title that are consistent would enhance the chances of people finding your video content when they are looking for related contents. The good thing about this is that your video would be seen by people who would actually enjoy watching and sharing your video.

Optimize our YouTube channel:

It would be very silly to create a fantastic marketing video for your brand and it is hidden in the clutter of countless other videos on YouTube and remains unseen by your prospective audiences. To avoid this precarious situation, it is best that you optimize your video for YouTube. The first step to achieve this is to give your video a title that actually correlates with the content of the video. The next step is to write a compelling and accurate description. This would allow potential viewers to know what the video id all about before clicking it. Adding tags to you video narrows it down to your intended audiences and makes your video content more available and accessible to them. Finally, choosing a category would certainly put your video along with other videos thereby giving it a niche and allowing it to be discovered easily. Once you implement all of these principles accordingly you can be certain that your video content would get a lot of views.

Create a compelling video:

A video with compelling content would not fail to provoke a lot of buzz. When you make the mistake of creating a bland video, you can expect that it would not get plenty of view or be shared on social media. A compelling video is one that is able to evoke an intended emotion in the minds of watchers while drawing them closer to fulfilling your marketing objectives. Your video must leave watchers with an impression and feeling that influences their purchase action. Whether the video content produced is hilarious, shocking, exploratory, narrative, imaginary and so on, the bottom line remains that it must be able to communicate the relevance of your brand in a compelling way. Video content is a very powerful marketing instrument because it has the capacity to stir up emotions in intended viewers so don’t waste its potential.