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How to create marketing videos that people actually love to watch and share

Social, Youtube Marketing July 22, 2017

Video is one of the most sought after forms of content on the internet and for obvious reasons. When it comes to online marketing, video content holds an incontestable reputation as the most engaging way to connect with audiences and potential customers. Video content is a very powerful marketing tool that can be used to build a formidable brand image that connects with audiences and customers in an intimate way.

So you eventually decided to take the bold step of creating and post your marketing videos. At this point, you are hoping that your marketing videos get a lot of view and shares. Whoops! It seems like your videos fell far below your expectations.

This pitfall seems almost inevitable for many newbies to video marketing. While this could be very disappointing, it would interest you to know that it was largely your fault. You basically created videos that nobody watches and this would not look great for your marketing goals.

This article is dedicated to helping you overcome this challenge and would reposition your videos to get optimal views and shares. The following factors must be carefully considered and implemented. They are as follows:

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Understanding the social media interactions between consumers and brands

Facebook Marketing, Social July 22, 2017

Social media has become a very formidable platform for building brand image and for engaging existing and potentials customers. With that being said, for you to cultivate mastery of the social media platform as a tool for creating heightened brand recognition engagement and reception, you must understand the interaction between consumers and marketing messages on social media.

You must have noticed that certain brands get better reception from audiences on social media than others. You also know that some brands enjoy heightened brand reception and very high conversion rates while others struggle.

Well, this article is dedicated to understanding customers’ perceptions and reactions towards the various marketing contents and strategies that are employed by various brands on social media and how it influences the overall outcome.

brand actions social media

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LINE Business Accounts for Marketing (LINE@)

Social, Technology February 2, 2016

LINE is the No 1 messenger in Thailand by a wide margin.

It would be a great tool to use in Marketing if that would be possible and until recently it wasn’t. But in 2015 LINE quietly released a business account feature for LINE.

What they did is to separate the LINE business accounts feature out of the main and into its own app which is called LINE@. Search for it on the Android or iOS app stores and you will find it. As business accounts provide a lot of features it was a good idea to split this out as to not bloat the main LINE app too much with features that are only useful for businesses.

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Thai Smartphone User’s Most Popular Activity is…

eCommerce, Mobile January 18, 2016

If you needed another proof of how big and important social media is in Thailand, then just look at this research from DI Marketing which they released on 27th October 2015, so its fairly recent research data. They built the following data from a survey about how Thai mobile users use their smartphones. Not only does social networking top the list, it is also almost 10% higher than making an actual call on your smartphone.

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