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Instagram ads are one of the latest ways to engage your customers and reach new audiences. Instagram has recently opened their ad platform to over 30 countries including Thailand. There are 3 formats that can be used which are photo ads, video ads and carousel ads.

All ad units are marked with a “Sponsored” at the top right above the image or video. But it is very subtle and besides this Instagram ads look almost the same as a normal Instagram post, increasing the effectiveness as Instagram users do not feel distracted by a different look of ads.

Types of Instagram Ads

Instagram Photo ads show one single image. Very simple.

Instagram Photo Ads

Instagram Carousel ads look just like photo ads with the difference that you can swipe to see several images within the same ad unit.

Instagram video ads have recently been updated to allow 30 second long video clips. It was 15 seconds only before and 30 second clips are only possible for advertisers. Also, Instagram video ads can now use landscape dimensions, not only square.

Instagram ads can have several different call-to-actions which include “Shop Now”, “Install Now”, “Sign Up”, and “Learn More”.

The most recent introduction by Instagram are Marquee ads. Instagram Marquee ads are “high-impact” ads that run on a single day at a time only. The special thing is that they provide guaranteed impressions up to 3 times per day. You’ll reach a large part of the Instagram user base when running Marquee ads. They are typically be used for product launches, movie releases and other events where huge interest on specific days is the target (such as for first day movie sales or first day sales of a new product).

Marquee ads can use any ad format available on Instagram including video ads, photo ads, Instagram carousel ads and link ad formats.

For the blockbuster movie Furious 7 for example, Universal used this video Marquee ad to massively boost the movie’s awareness. The one-day Marquee ads received Millions of views.

All in a day’s work. #Furious7

A video posted by Furious 7 (@fastandfuriousmovie) on

Instagram ads can be used for many different campaign goals:

Clicks to Website
Send people directly tou your website with a clickable link. This can be used for photo, video and carousel ads.

Website Conversions
Track conversions that happen on your website after a person clicks on your Instagram ad. This is achieved through your Facebook conversion pixel and is available on all Instagram ad formats.

Mobile App Installs
Make people download and install your app. This call to action is also available on all ado formats.

Page Post Engagement
This is for when you want people to engage with your ad directly on Instagram. You can use this format for phot and video ads.

Mobile App Engagement
This campaign goal is for boosting your activity on your mobile app.

Video Views
If you market using video content then you can
Available Ad Formats: Video

Reach and Frequency
Achieve predictable reach and greater control over message frequency
Available Ad Formats: Photo, Video, Carousel

Mass Awareness (Marquee ads)
Reach a very large audience in a single day with guaranteed impressions and top placement in Instagram’s ad cue to achieve this.
Available in all ad formats.

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