Managed websites, lead generation and digital marketing

At iPlan Digital, we focus on providing managed websites build with the most widely used and most flexible CMS system in the world, which is WordPress. Almost a quarter of all websites globally are built on it, which speaks for itself. So what is so good about it?

WordPress CMS Website Design & Development

We ♥ good design and believe that it can make your business more successful. As a WordPress Agency we strive to combine good design with the functionality and power of the WordPress CMS (Content Managment System). Each website we create is unique and matches your business identity and specific requirements.

Why should you build your site with WordPress?

It is the most widely used CMS system in the world (did you know? Over 20% of the world’s websites are built with WordPress), which brings many advantages with it. For one, it is unmatched when it comes to expandability and proofing your business for the future. You can start small but expand your site over time into anything you want it to become. Another important advantage of WordPress when developing websites is it’s SEO capability. It is probably the most advanced CMS for SEO purposes. You can rest assured that all the technical SEO details are taken care of.

Website Design and Development

We develop your WordPress CMS site and provide the following features:

WP Premium Themes

Every WordPress site is built with a premium theme according to your requirements and made for the best possible SEO performance. You’ll receive a top grade design, can customize the site as you wish and present your content in the best possible way.

Website hosting

Your website needs to load fast and have an almost perfect uptime in order to rank good on search engines and perform well in SEO. What you want is a fast, secure and reliable host. We host all our websites on the Google Cloud platform which is one of the fastest, most scalable and best performing cloud solutions on the planet.

Gone are the days of overcrowded shared host plans that are often packaged into low cost offerings. With a managed website package from iPlan Digital, your site runs off one of the most advanced hosting platforms availble today.

Design for WordPress

Signing up with iPlan Digital, you not just get a website, you get a whole Marketing and creative team as well.
If you need any custom designs, we can help you create graphics, graphs, Infographics and any other material that will make your site stand out and help you attract new eyeballs.

WordPress SEO

Everybody wants to rank top on Google as that will bring you free organic and targeted traffic to your site. Luckily, this is another area where WordPress excels at. We setup your WordPress site for SEO best practices and use an advanced SEO platform within WordPress that let’s us make your site ready for the hundreds of data points Google uses to rank sites.

Copywriting and Inbound Marketing

Content Marketing is one of the most important long term strategies to built recurring traffic to your website. You should take it seriously but maybe you don’t have the time to write any content or you do not have the manpower inhouse. We can write quality content for you in your niche to boost your site’s organic traffic and improve your SEO.

Website Security

WordPress is one of the most secure CMS in existence. All our WordPress sites come with the most important security plugins installed that will make your site bulletproof against any hacks or other attacks.

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