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What Marketing automation is:

As companies in Thailand are gearing up their digital marketing efforts, marketing automation is definitely one of the buzzwords popping up more and more in recent times. But what is it actually? And how, when done right, can it help to bring your business to the next level

Let’s start with a good and to the point definition of what Marketing automation is:

Marketing automation is the use of software to automate marketing processes such as customer segmentation, customer data integration, and campaign management. The use of marketing automation makes processes that would have otherwise been performed manually much more efficient and makes new processes possible. Marketing automation is an integral component of customer relationship management.

Now let’s look at the facts:

Marketing automation Thailand makes use of many different touch points from a single person: That can be social media, visits to your website, content they looked at, how much time they spend doing that, email marketing, SMS marketing, or content marketing. Marketing automation uses these touchpoints to nurture prospects over e longer period of time until they convert. So marketing automation not only cares about short term sales but it nurtures people over time because that is what a lot of leads need.

Then, by collecting data on people from all those touch points, marketing automation enables you to send personalized 1:1 targeted messages. Traditionally, brands would send untargeted mass blasts such as newsletters (all people receive the same single untargeted message). Marketing automation allows you to customize the time, content, frequency, design, etc. of all messages that best match the needs and interested of that person at the right time. And it lets you do that at scale. Using marketing automation will build a database or very advanced CRM for you with very detailed information on all your leads. The longer you use it, and the more people you feed into it, the more effective it becomes. It is a real investment in the future.

Marketing automation in Thailand takes a lot of time and effort. Most companies do not have the resources to handle this task internally without having a dedicated team. But it can be extremely effective:

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So simply put, how does marketing automation look like?

You have probably all seen it before. It can be very simple and at the other end it can use a complex pool of customer data touchpoints to create advanced workflows.

At the very simple side, a marketing automation workflow can look like this:

You visit a website, after a few seconds a box pops up “Welcome! Join our mailing list and get a 10% discount on your next order”.
You sign up and get entered into the website’s database. A few moments later you receive a welcome mail and your coupon code.
You use to buy a product from that website.

On the more advanced side a marketing automation workflow can look like this:

You visit an online fashion retailer and then spend about 25 minutes to look around at different products.
You mainly spend your time looking at dresses but do not yet buy anything.
Later that day you receive an email from the shop with a link to an article about the newest color trends for dresses this summer season with direct links to purchase suitable dresses on the shop you visited.
You decide to buy one of the dresses listed in the email.
During checkout, a slide in presents a fee pair of shoes to you that perfectly fits the dress you just selected.
You decide to add the shoes to your order and checkout.

Do you think this is a coincidence? It’s not and these are the kind of workflows you can set up with marketing automation that helps increase sales, leads, or whatever other goals you might have.

E-commerce is one obvious area where marketing automation can be very efficient.
But it can also help in many other settings for effective lead generation.

Let’s take a B2B example:

A proven and effective way to use content to generate and nurture leads with marketing automation are whitepapers. Probably all of us have at one point in the past downloaded an article pdf from a website and been asked to leave their mobile number or email address to receive the article.

Then a few days later, you received another email with more information on the topic and possibly a link to a special offer.

Upon visiting the landing page you might be asked to schedule a free consultation or make contact another way. This is a way these companies nurture leads and filter out the good from the bad one before they even speak to a person.

Frequently Asked Questions about Marketing Automation:

How do you know if it’s time to invest in marketing automation?

If you are generating a constant flow of leads to your website, be that through a content marketing strategy, advertising, or organic search, then you are likely ready to invest into marketing automation technology which will help in nurturing these leads coming in.

Another good sign for being ready for marketing automation is if your sales team seems to be overwhelmed with the number of leads they have to handle. Marketing automation helps you to deal and nurture with a large number of leads, more than you would be able o do just by yourself.

What are the most important key factors for successful marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a complex topic and there are dozens of factors influencing if it will be successful in your organization. But there are 2 underlying principles that we can say will be of utmost importance to understand:

  1. Marketing automation by itself is not sufficient for a efficient lead generation. There are still many other tools and processes needed for that. But what it does is to enable you to automate the process, make it more efficient and allowing you to nurture a much larger amount of leads in e meaningful way than without marketing automation. So it enables you to scale your business efficiently.
  2. Marketing automation allows you to speak to your target audiences on a 1:1 level. One size does NOT fit all and this is a very important point to understand. In these times you need to be able to leverage all touch points of a person that you have from all your marketing tools, be that web social, ads, behavioral data, etc. to build profiles and understand what each person’s unique features and interests are. And this is where marketing automation can help with.

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