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Thai Influencer Marketing and what we do different

What is influencer Marketing? Influencer Marketing is the process of utilizing social influencers on online networks such as Instagram, Facebook or YouTube to present your product, service, or any other project to their online followers. To give you some examples. A fashion business could fine influencers in their target market and have them make selfies wearing clothing from them in addition to telling their followers what they are wearing.  You could also simply have pre-made designs posted to the influencer’s account or let influencers demonstrate usage of an app in a video, Instagram story or YouTube video.

And while in most cases people are probably aware that certain posts by influencers are paid for, they are still more likely to act on this message than when they see a more traditional display or text ad on Google or Facebook. Influencer Marketing, especially in Thailand can be very effective. Influencer campaigns consistently our perform campaigns with the same budget on Facebook ads for example. Thailand is the country with the highest social media usage in the world. And influencer Marketing utilizes exactly this trait to make your brand stand out.

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Here are some more examples on how brands are using Instagram to promote their products with influencers:

How to do Influencer Marketing in Thailand:

We are one of the most flexible influencer agencies in Thailand. We understand very well that influencer marketing is much more than selecting key opinion leaders and just sending them an image to post. An influencer campaign needs to be carefully planned and if you have ever tried t run a coordinated campaign with 5 or more influencers you will know how long it can take and how difficult it is.

We not only target Thai celebrities but have a wide range of real social media influencers in our network for different categories. In fact, we do not always recommend picking celebrities for influencer campaigns as the per follower cost is exponentially higher than when using an online influencer. It is always dependant on the type of product and your goals.

Lets take following example to illustrate what to consider when doing influencer Marketing in Thailand: Let’s say you want to reach 1,000,000 people with an influencer campaign using Thai influencers. You could find a celebrity that has a Million followers and pay a single person a big sum of money to make 1 post on their Instagram account. And if you really want the celebrity to present and endorse your product then this is totally fine. They do have a massive influence on people and if budget allows it, it can be effective even at that price.

But what we can do for you as well is to find 10 smaller or medium-sized Thai influencers that each has approximately 100,000 followers. That means they are also online influencers but they are no celebrities in the traditional sense. With ten such influencers, you also get your 1 Million people reach but the cost might be only 50% of the cost of a celebrity. The best and most cost-efficient way is to find the right online influencers for the right price and at sufficient scale.

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The new generation of influencer platforms (especially Tik Tok):

We all got used to influencers on saturated platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
So where is the new growth coming from? Where does today’s new young generation go to? Relatively new platforms such as Snapchat and LINE have very big popularity among young people. Maybe Snapchat hasn’t really taken off in Thailand as in other countries. But a new star was born with Tik Tok, the quirky Chinese-made app that has gained huge popularity in a very short period of time and has made it in Thailand as well. it also has the ability to reach younger audiences as it makes it easier than any other platform to start creating content. People starting on Tik Tok today could be some of the biggest influencers in few years from now. Tik Tok is here to stay and is one of the most interesting platorms to watch. if you want to mix up your influencer strategy and be ahead of the crowd, then Tik Tok influencers are definitely an area to watch.

We provide all of this and more:

  • Our team can help you find the right Thai influencers in our vast database for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • We handle all communications with the influencers, no matter if we work with 10 or 100 of them. No hassle for you.
  • We have contacts to social media influencers as well as celebrities which allows us to offer effective pricing and flexibility for your Thai influencer campaigns.
  • We offer full creative services.
  • We provide many additional Marketing services such as video production that can be added for your influencer campaign.
  • We provide full reporting on the engagement of all your Thai influencer Marketing campaigns running with us.

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