So who can you actually reach on Tik Tok?

The answer is a predominantly very young audience. So if you brand is looking into engaging with the next generation of consumers, then Tik Tok Ads are a great fit. To give you a few ideas on what big brands are using Tik Tok” Customers include Disney, Fenty Beauty, or Apple Music. Looking at these big global brands, one can say Tik Tok is well established and accepted as a viable new ad channel.

So the main question you have to ask yourself is if your brand would benefit from an audience in the 15-25 age range.
Tik Tok provides several types of ad types to use:

Influencer Package:

Your ads will appear as a part of content that is created by specific influencers that are relevant to your brand.

Hashtag challenge:

Your ads will appear on the discovery page and entices users to take part in content challenges.

Brand takeover:

Ads will appear when a user opens the Tik Tok app on their smartphone and will completely take over their screen for a short time before it turns into a video ad in users feeds.

In-feed video ad:

Ads appear in Tik Tok users feeds. This is the most common type of ad.

Branded AR content:

You provide ads as branded stickers, AR content and other types of content.


Tik Tok also provides a pixel similar to the Facebook pixel that you can place on your website and will then track all users visiting your page. This information will then allow you to retarget people on the Tik Tok network. It also enables you to create custom audiences. For example you might only want to target people that have visited a specific portion of your website such as the pricing page.

Tik Tok Ads are separated into Campaigns, ad groups and the ads itself. For Tik Tok ad campaigns to work, it is better suited for larger budgets. Minimum requirements on Tik Tok are also higher than for let’s say Facebook and Google ads, which do not set any specific minimum. A recommended monthly budget for a Tik Tok campaign should not be below 50,000 Baht.

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