Web Video / Viral Video / TV Commercial Production & Marketing

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Web Video / Viral Video / TV Commercial Production & Marketing in Bangkok

We produce TV / Web commercials & Viral videos and marketing to reach your desired audience:

Video is the No 1 channel when it comes to engagement in Thailand, be that TV or YouTube. Thailand is one of the top YouTube countries in the world measured by usage per person per month. The DAAT (Digital Advertising Association of Thailand) states that over 5 Million Thai people visit YouTube every month, each person visits the site over 15 times per month and spends almost 20 minutes per visit. These numbers show what a huge opportunity YouTube provides for marketers.

YouTube has overtaken every TV station in Thailand and is the video source with the highest usage overall in Thailand. Not only that but the user numbers are still growing exponentially. Even though, youtube usage is still growing exponentially. With only a third of Thai people online, the user numbers of YouTube will keep growing as more people have access to Internet.

Video & TV/Film Production

We conceptualize and produce videos and viral videos for online or TV/Film usage and seed them on numerous online channels for you. We are a full-service production company and can handle all aspects of your production including all post-production from start to finish. Please visit the website of our production company here to find out more and see all our production references.

Explainer Videos:

Explainer Videos are short videos that explain for example what your company is doing and can be place on your homepage. Or they could also explain a concept or process. They are really useful for engaging your website audience. People are 80% more likely to convert when your website has video content.

Event Video Production:

Do you have an event or conference coming up? Our team can cover video and photo for your event and produce a highlight video or long format footage.

Besides, online reviews are one of the most important factors for consumers to make a purchase decision. According to a Marketingland.com survey, 90% of consumers say that their purchase decisions are influenced by online reviews.

Video advertising

YouTube let’s you advertise by showing your video ads in other people’s videos on YouTube that are related to your target audience. These are clips that people see before their chosen video starts to play. The good thing here is that you do not have to pay for the ad when people skip them straight away. You only pay for ads that were watched at least 30 seconds.

We can help you design and produce advertising videos or we can manage your video advertising campaigns with existing video content.

Video Retargeting

If you are not doing retargeting yet, it is the first thing you should be getting into as soon as possible. Retargeting is the form of advertising in which you target ads to people that have visited your site at least one time before. Why? Because people who visited your site before are about 4 times more likely to convert and buy something from you than people who have not visited your website yet.

It is a proven advertising concept that really works. We can setup your retargeting on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter as well as the Google Display network and dozens of other ad exchanges through RTB platforms.

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