Website development and lead generation for SME

iPlan Digital specializes in website development and lead generation for SME businesses in Thailand. We build custom website based on WordPress and WooCommerce, the most popular CMS for websites and Ecommerce shops respectively.

Our main focus lies on providing managed websites packages, which means that for a single low monthly fee we will create a website for you, host it and provide optional marketing services to you. As a result, you can now spend all your time focusing on growing your business and leave the technicalities to us.

Updating, maintaining and improving a website is a full-time job. This is why we mainly focus on our ongoing monthly website packages. Having said that, (currently) we still offer a “one-time” payment website package. If you prefer to pay for the website one-time, it is currently still possible (this might change in the future). But your initial starting price will be a multitude higher than what you pay for our monthly packages.

Pick your flavor:

Managed Websites

Let us create your website and manage hosting, maintenance, content updates, lead generation, digital advertising and many other services.

Website, Lead generation and More

Are you tired of spending half of your time updating your website instead of running your business? We make managed websites accessible to every SME.

Ecommerce Store

Let us create your Ecommerce store. We design, host and mange your Ecommerce shop built with the most flexible Ecommerce platform on the market.

Ecommerce and lead generation

We built your Ecommerce store with WooCommerce, which perfectly complements your WordPress website and let's you built and scale your web business.