Website development and lead generation for SME

iPlan Digital specializes in website development, E-commerce, CRM and lead generation for SME businesses in Thailand.
We build custom websites based on the world’s leading WordPress and WooCommerce platforms, the most popular CMS systems for websites and Ecommerce shops respectively.

Our main focus lies on providing managed website packages. First, we built a platform for your business that can include website, Ecommerce shop with payment gateway, and a CRM. You will have all the tools to run your business online and perform like a champ on search engines.

After that is done, we then provide a wide amount of Marketing, SEO and creative services to you for a monthly fee. As a result, you can now spend all your time focusing on growing your business and leave the technicalities to us.

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Pick your flavor:

1. Website, Ecommerce & CRM for SME

Fully managed solution

Fully managed solution. Get website, Ecommerce store and CRM. We manage hosting, maintenance, content updates and lead generation + many other Marketing services.

Website, Lead generation and More

Are you tired of spending half of your time updating your website instead of running your business? We make managed websites accessible to every SME.

2. Sales Page

Sell online and generate leads

You are just starting out or the SME package is overkill for you? We design and built a sales page for you that lets you sell any product you want.

Sales Page and lead generation

Start with a sales page for one low yearly price. Talk to us today and find out more.


    Website Development

    WordPress CMS Website Design & Development

    We ♥ good design and believe that it can make your business more successful. We strive to combine good design with the functionality and power of the WordPress CMS (Content Managment System). Each website we create is unique and matches your business identity and specific requirements.

    Why should you build your site with WordPress?

    It is the most widely used CMS system in the world (did you know? Over 20% of the world’s websites are built with WordPress), which brings many advantages with it. For one, it is unmatched when it comes to expandability and proofing your business for the future. You can start small but expand your site over time into anything you want it to become. Another important advantage of WordPress when developing websites is it’s SEO capability. It is one of the most advanced CMS for SEO purposes.

    WordPress SEO

    Everybody wants to rank top on Google as that will bring you free organic and targeted traffic to your site. Luckily, this is another area where WordPress excels at. We setup your WordPress site for SEO best practices and use an advanced SEO platform within WordPress that let’s us make your site ready for the hundreds of data points Google uses to rank sites.

    Copywriting and Inbound Marketing

    Content Marketing is one of the most important long term strategies to built recurring traffic to your website. You should take it seriously but maybe you don’t have the time to write any content or you do not have the manpower inhouse. We can write quality content for you in your niche to boost your site’s organic traffic and improve your SEO.

    Website Security

    WordPress is one of the most secure CMS in existence. All our WordPress sites come with the most important security plugins installed that will make your site bulletproof against any hacks or other attacks.

    Website hosting

    We host all our websites on the Google Cloud platform which is one of the fastest, most scalable and best performing cloud solutions on the planet.

    Ecommerce Stores

    We built your custom Ecommerce store based on WordPress CMS and WooCommerce. Any functionality can be customized. Or we can suggest you a setup for your needs if you are new to Ecommerce. Here are a few reasons and functionality why your Ecommerce store should be built on WooCommerce:

    Market Leader

    WooCommerce is the globally most popular Ecommerce platform in existence. No other comes close. Why is that a good thing? Because it means that the platform is very mature, well developed, well supported and customizable to any needs. For your business this gives you absolute proof for the future and no risk.


    No other Ecommerce platform is as customizable as WooCommerce. On too many other Ecommerce platforms you are either limited by what you can do, or in some cases the systems are too complex and it cost a fortune to change anything and require a developer for any changes. Not with WooCommerce. Many parts can be extended by using plugins. And customizations that require development are much more developer friendly than competing platforms.

    What does this mean for you? You will have less maintenance cost and requiring less time to implement changes or new functionality.


    WooCommerce is infinitely scalable. WooCommerce is a great platform for stores with only 1-10 products, but it also powers huge stores with hundreds of thousands of products. There are no limits for scalability. So you can be assured that WooCommerce will grow with you as your business grows.

    Payment Gateway

    One of the most important aspects of Ecommerce is how you actually get paid by your customers. All our solutions come with a built-in payment gateway that lets you accept payments from credit cards from both Thai and foreign banks. In Thailand you can also accept payments by debit card or via QR Code (Prompt Pay). The latter option is an easy way to get paid when you are making use of a chatbot or a messaging platform like LINE or WeChat.

    CRM - Know Your Customers

    CRM or “Customer Relationship Management” is one of the most widely used applications worldwide. But what does a CRM actually do, and why does your business need it?

    Traditional CRM vs modern web CRM

    A CRM used to be a fancy word for an address book. In today’s world it has evolved in providing many business critical functionality to manage your customers and therefore business. The best way to explain what a CRM can do is by example:

    What a CRM can help with

    When you run a website and WooCommerce store, you are probably getting inquiries by Email, web contact form or from a chat to name a few. And when you sell products online you might generate sales on your website but maybe also inside a Facebook or LINE chat. Each inquiry is different and people all purchase different things.

    A CRM keep track of all of this.

    Usage cases

    What if you want to send a newsletter to customers that have bough a specific product?
    Or how about a campaign for your best customers that purchased products with a value higher than a specific amount in total?

    Your CRM will track will of this and put this information together in to a very advance contact database. You can filter and sort by any combination of information stored and you can see a complete history of all your customers. Now add to that the fact that you can send and use this data in other Marketing tools and systems and you can see how the possibilities are limitless.

    If you don’t have a CRM, all this information will sit in an inaccessible database with no way of sorting or to make use of it. So the best is to start with a CRM right away.

    Our website and Ecommerce offerings can be extended to also have a CRM included that will run from one single admin interface.

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