iPLAN Digital Agency Bangkok
Social Media & Influencer Agency in Bangkok, Thailand

iPLAN Digital Agency is a digital marketing agency based in Bangkok with a focus on Social Media Strategy & Content Creation, Influencer marketing (key opinion leaders) and video production. We provide a wide range of digital marketing services and are a performance-driven Digital Agency. We consult on and execute your social media and influencer campaigns. We provide Social Media Marketing, Content MarketingThai Social Media Management, Digital Advertising (Google & Facebook) and Influencer Marketing

We also provide  full-service production for Digital Content, Viral Videos and TV commercials.

Some of Our Customers:

iPlan Digital Marketing Customers

Digital Agency Turnkey Solutions for Digital Marketing
+ Social Media Strategy

Social Media Marketing

Facebook / Instagram Social Advertising & Marketing

YouTube Channel Management & Marketing

  • Complete solution to manage your YouTube channel
  • YouTube channel strategy
  • Subscriber growth planning
  • Video production
  • Influencer engagements

Viral Video production

  • Video concept, storyboarding, production
  • Live streaming and show creation
  • Online video marketing
  • Youtube channel management and advertising
  • Influencer, explainer & review videos
  • Digital Agency Bangkok for Video production

Content Marketing & Content Production

  • Content and keyword research
  • Content creation (video/text/image content)
  • Content marketing (seeding of content and amplification)
  • Content influencer marketing
  • Content analysis and reporting
  • Digital agency in Bangkok for content creation

Influencer Marketing Agency

  • Influencer sourcing and management for
  • Gaming, beauty, lifestyle and many other categories
  • Corporate influencer campaigns
  • Viral influencer & social media campaigns
  • YouTube creator productions & campaigns
  • Digital agency for influencer relations in Thailand

As a Digital Agency and Social Media agency that provides full Digital Marketing services in Bangkok, we require a strong connection to influencers in order to run successful social media campaigns. We have built one of Thailand’s best influencer marketing networks. Use social influencers to promote and endorse your products and let us negotiate collaborations with Thailand’s most influential key opinion leaders.

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iPLAN DIGITAL AGENCY Bangkok: Digital Marketing, Social Media & Influencer Agency.

At iPLAN Digital Agency we understand that “one-size-fits-all” does not apply in digital marketing. Every brand has its own identity and requires a customized approach in their digital marketing strategy. What works for one brand, might not work for another. There are many digital marketing agencies in Bangkok but not so many that take the time to really understand each of their clients needs. We are a transparent digital agency who sees working with your brand as a partnership, not just business as usual.

We want to create long-term relationships, grow together and help you reach your digital marketing goals. Being a medium-sized digital agency based in Bangkok, we are flexible enough to be able to put in the time to make your brand thrive. We are also a digital agency that is an early adaptor of new digital marketing technologies. When we analyze your brand and existing digital marketing channels, we are always honest with you and will point out any problems that we see that might slow your way to success.